Book for april

Ok, so i have taken a very, very long time deciding what the heck to try to get people to read. So first i thought, THE HUNGER GAMES.
Then i realized no, everybody has already heard about that. But i will say, read it. Then i thought HARRY POTTER, which is the best series ever. But still, everyone has read that too. Finally, i decided the perfect book. Only i havent finished it yet, so nobody spoil it for me.

THE RED PYRAMID, by Rick Riordan.

This book is about Egyption mythology. The author is truely brilliant in creating memorable characters out of thin air. Me and a friend who is also reading it will argue about stuff from the book, or ask which charecter we would rather be, Sadie or Carter. Ok, i’m rambling. Here is what happens, without giving too much away. 😉

Sadie and Carter were seperated when they were 8 and 6. The meet twice every year, Sadie, Carter, and their dad, and have a day together. But there lives are vastly different. Sadie is a British school girl who lives with her grandparents. She is a rebel who enjous irratating people and breaking rules. Carter lives with his father, an archeaologist (probably didnt spell thar right,) with a preticular interest is Egypt. Atrange things always happen to them in their travels around the globe, but Carter has been trained to accept this. When the siblings reunite to save the world from the growing danger of Set, an evil god bent on letting chaos rule the world, they must learn to control themseleves, and what is inside them as well.

This book is so totally awesome, you HAVE to read it!!!!!!!!

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What is your fave thing to do add a coment please

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Soooo cute!

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asl alphabet

asl alphabet

You can use this to learn sign language

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    Get a nook color it is so worth it if you like fast internet, apps and books this is for you the books, apps, magazines, news paper, ect are all really cheap some are even free!

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the thing with spiders

sure, spiders are about 100 times smaller than the average human, but their so creepy! their all small and fast, and very unnaturally proportioned! most people are afraid of bugs, including (i am very sad to say this) me. they give me the heebie jeebies. but, then again, so do cock roaches, dark places, and movies that invole knifes draawing blood in slow motion.
but, if you come across a spider you are not particularly found of, dont squish it. who knows, it might be one of those the-mouse-saves-the-lion things. doutable, but still.
some people think its funny to pick up a daddy longlegs by the leg and chase girls (myself incuded) around. dont do it. it just terrorises the poor thing. how would you feel if a giant just came and picked you upand ran around with you (if you are one of thoses people who says that they wod love it, dont anser that.)?!
remember, spiders are people too!

what is your least favorite thing that give you the heebie jeebies?

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book to read december

he name of this book is secret (secret series # one) by Phudunonoumus bouch

well technicaly, i cant tell you much, but here goes:i hope i dont spoil it for you: cass and max ernest are regular kids who just s happen to be collaborators. but when a mysterious magician dies, they get sucked into a crazy worlwind of million year old alechemists, secret societies, andnone big secret……

it is a VERY good book, and a must read!

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hi, welcome

this is where you will experience weird and fun articles, hope you will like them!:)

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